Bud to Rose




Launched in 2006, Bud to Rose has established itself as a well-known Contemporary Swedish Jewellery brand, recognized for fusing feminine with edgy.

Bud to Rose celebrates individuality and embrace the contrasts and opposites in all things, which comes to life in each creation through the choice of materials, textures and shapes; mixing feminine with edgy; tough with sweet; hard with soft. The name “Bud to Rose” carries a symbolism of these polarised foundations; the clean and sharp lines of a bud meet the soft femininity of a rose.

Diddi Camilla designs every piece in the collection, with a simple ambition to create something that is special for everyday; easy-to-wear pieces that can be stacked, styled and layered. Every collection has a certain “flavour of the season” incorporating both fashion pieces and timeless classics, as well as signature styles mixing leather and metals, and pieces enhanced with meaningful messages


    Showroom:  Meulenven 19  - 3945 HAM     Mail: annika@boudoirbleu.be    Tel: + 32 477 331439   BTW: BE0866943834